Stacy Rae, Personal Training/Fitness Expert

Lyn’s Success Story… Simply AMAZING!!

On May 16 2009 Lyn walked into our gym  “Body Techniques“, she inquired about training. I asked if she had some time and we sat down and went over her health history. As it turns out Lyn had been to many different doctors for over a course of  two years, because she hadn’t well. The day she walked into the gym she had just found out that she had celiac disease. This is a disease where your body is allergic to gluten and is one of the 10 most mis-diagnosed with women. It can be very uncomfortable and pain full too. I put Lyn on a program designed for her body type, she is a Mesomorph a body type with  a nice amount of natural muscle. I explained to her that her body-type was the one that carried a nice about of muscle and if she lost the body-fat around it that she would not only look great, but she would feel amazing. So we went to work…Lyn worked out 2 times a week and did cardio on her own. She worked on the food end and managed her new way of eating gluten free. Fast forward to now and Lyn has lost over 20 Pd’s, 21 7/8 total inches, lost 11.2 % body-fat, and has gone down 6 dress sizes! Lyn, got amazing results with me and she worked hard, she took every suggestion I made and ran with it. The best part about this story is that in her Health & Fitness Evaluation she listed that one of her roadblocks to helping her get results would be her own laziness. Well Lyn, hasn’t been lazy at all and although she didn’t lose all the weight and get to where she is without hard work, she has  also realized that she wasn’t lazy at all, but that she just needed some motivation and direction. She also  discovered something new to do that she loves.  She started taking salsa dance lessons and has a new love along with her workouts. This is something Lyn wouldn’t have done before.  She now dances 2-3 times a week and even has her husband on board. One of her favorites is the Hustle, and I’m  hoping she’ll teach it to us during a class sometime. It is so exciting as Lyn’s trainer to see her come alive and love her life again instead of feeling sick and sad. She is a great example to her family, friends and everyone she comes in contact with. She truly is an inspiration for anyone who is ready to make changes and improve their life! I am so proud of Lyn, she has been a wonderful client and continues to amazing me with how fit she has become. Lyn, you are AMAZING it has been an honor to be your trainer.




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